Ahhh I’m going to Pilchuck

I got a place at Pilchuck Glass School! I screamed so loud when the email came through, Stevie bolted upstairs to check I was okay. I didn’t get the scholarship, but the prospect of going to Pilchuck fills me with an euphoria from the pit of my stomach.

A finely crafted idea

is two and a bit weeks of hot glass, mould making, imagery, and cold working, squeezing my creative boundaries into areas where I rarely go. Combining my top notch mould making skills with scorching hot glass will no doubt result in art work made with at least sweat and tears but hopefully no blood! Wow to be fully immersed in glass, on a campus set in stunning woodlands just outside Seattle; I haven’t had the desire to travel abroad alone before, the thought of it clouds me in fear, but with a destination so incredible at the end of it, and a wedge of sheer determination I’ll get there (somehow). I’ve paid the tuition fees, just a few minor details to sort out; return flights from the UK, transfers and a bucket load of ideas to get out of my head and onto some paper… I’ve decided to do some crowd funding to help fly me to Pilchuck so watch this space for my next update.



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