If you have a commission idea you would like to discuss with me then do get in touch. You can expect to have a couple of meetings with me to discuss your ideas and we will agree on a quote before any work commences. The time scale can to be between 6 to 10 weeks from final design decision to delivery. However this will vary depending on demand and your individual requirements.

Examples of recent commissions completed by me include:

  • Casting 9 pairs of newborn babies feet in beautiful colours of gaffer glass 2018.
  • The Abercrombie Building Awards creating 11 glass casts of 3D printed buildings 2017 award brochure.
  • Fez; The Royal Scent, core casting 10 Fez hat shaped burgundy perfume bottles with black stoppers for a fine art short film by Artist/Director Anya Lewin Exhibited at John Hansard Gallery.
  • Casting 50 pairs of shoes in glass and ice for The Cold Truth.
  • Sculpting a replica vintage Glove Stretcher and casting in glass for Artist Marie Toseland.Glove Stretcher
  • Designing, 3D modelling and casting glass for the Media Innovation Awards 2013, 2014 and 2015.
  • Two-part plaster moulds of the alphabet and workshops for a community ceramics project at the Foyer with Participate Arts.
  • Sculpting and creating 120 small scale ceramic sunfish for Plymouth City Council and The National Marine Aquarium’s Making Waves project.


Complete the form below if you would like to contact me about a commission idea or sign up to my mailing list.


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